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Experience Regan’s #1 Rated & Life-Changing Guided Energy Activation Session For Manifesting Abundance

Regan will take you through her life-altering 25-minute guided Group Immersion, Clearing and Activation experience, to help you recode and rewire yourself energetically at the deepest level with White Patterns, Energy, Frequencies and Vibrations of supreme abundance and prosperity on all levels.

This session has been the #1 rated and most popular Group Immersion session on Soulvana app for months.

Experience Regan’s Powerful “Vision Beyond Vision” Exercise To Rapidly Expand Your Abundance Containers & Your Energetic Capacity To Receive More

On this Webinar Regan will guide you through a practical exercise “Vision Beyond Vision”, designed to help you expand your Abundance Containers and your capacity to receive more in your day-to-day reality, and move way beyond your higher limits.

Get A Printable Workbook With Exercises & Transcript For Deeper Absorption, Higher Expansion & Faster Manifestation

On the next page you’ll be able to download a printable Webinar Workbook with practical exercises and transcript so you can absorb new information faster, expand your Abundance containers to higher levels and start manifesting and experiencing abundance much faster.

What You’ll Learn and Experience On This Webinar

  • Participate in a life-expanding 25-minute guided Group Immersion and Activation experience, as Regan helps you recode and rewire yourself energetically at the deepest level for supreme abundance and prosperity on all levels.
  • Experience Regan’s powerful “Vision Beyond Vision” exercise to rapidly expand your abundance containers & your energetic capacity to receive more.
  • Learn how to use different White Patterns, Frequencies and Vibrations to pull abundance into your reality effortlessly and easily.
  • The #1 mistake most people make when it comes to manifesting abundance (or anything else).
  • Discover how to become more aligned in your physical world so you can manifest abundance ever faster.
  • Revealed: Why and how multi-millionaires do less and receive more.
  • Tales of abundance, transformations, growth and success. What happens when you start expanding your energetic contains and capacity to receive more? See a few real-life stories from real people. You’ll be inspired, and understand that higher level of abundance is just an energy shift away.
  • And much, much more.

About Regan Hillyer

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Regan Hillyer is multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur, owner of several fast-growing companies, certified Master of NLP and Hypnosis, and the #1 highest rated and most popular author on *Soulvana app, Mindvalley’s revolutionary app for Group Immersions and Classes on modern spirituality.

Her healing and activation sessions come from beyond this world. The first three highest rated Group Immersions on Soulvana app are from Regan!

Regan’s work has been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, CBS, Fox, NBC, Inc Magazine, and countless other media outlets.

She is embodying and living a healthy, abundant, purposeful and fulfilling life like not many people. She’s also success coach and international speaker, certified Master of NLP, Master of Hypnosis, Time Dynamics Specialist and a Success Strategist.

Regan is extremely versed in energy work, light language, and advanced esoteric techniques.

Through her programs, retreats, courses and stage performances Regan has helped thousands of people experience almost unbelievable breakthroughs, shifts and transformations in their health, abundance, and all dimensions of life.

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This Webinar is absolutely FREE and plays in your local time.

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