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Manifesting Financial Abundance
with Regan Hillyer

Regan Hillyer, multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur and spiritual guide, helps you expand yourself energetically on all levels so you can start start living an incredible life of supreme abundance, purpose, meaning, fulfillment & prosperity on all levels.

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Activate Your Quantum Health
with Juan Pablo Barahona

Juan Pablo Barahona, Latin America’s leading shaman, healer and wellness expert, teaches and demonstrates 5 simple techniques for daily to activate your health on all levels so you start living full of youthful energy, feel great about yourself & self-heal rapidly fast.

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Creating & Living Your Dream Life
with Ariya Lorenz

Ariya Lorenz, master healer and trainer of healers, helps you connect with your higher-self like never before, and gain invaluable new insights, confidence, energy and empowerment to start living a life of your dreams.

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Heal Past Traumas & Emotional Wounds
with Deborah King

Deborah King, America’s leading expert on energy work and a The New York Times best-selling author, helps you break free from past traumas and clear hidden emotional wounds that stop you from living fully.

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