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Join One Of The World’s Leading Yoga Nidra Experts Nadine McNeil In This Beautiful Webinar And Discover The Secrets To Accelerating Your Personal Transformation By Connecting To Your True Nature During Sleep

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Discover The Life-Changing Power Of Sleep

Most people are only aware of the two states awake and conscious and asleep and unconscious. But as Nadine McNeil will show you in this Webinar, there’s a third state called sleepless sleep where you’re aware of your true nature. From that place of empowerment, you can enhance your creativity, intuition, bring forth your manifestations, enter higher realms of consciousness, and positively impact all spheres of your life.

What You’ll Learn & Experience In This Webinar

  • Experience Nadine McNeil’s “Instant Rebooting & Recharging” hack that unlocks the beauty of Yoga Nidra to return you to your true nature where you feel home, well-rested, calm, energetic and free to be yourself… in just 5-10 minutes.
  • Discover the astonishing power of Yoga Nidra in accelerating your healing and rejuvenation on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels so you can grow exponentially in your inner power, confidence, courage, wholeness, balance, and strength.
  • Learn how to tap into the hidden powers of sleep and enter higher states of consciousness every single day to radically enhance your creativity, connect with your higher intuition, and rapidly elevate all aspects of your life.
  • Discover a life-changing sleep-time practice for downloading amazing creative inspirations to solve your problems, overcome all challenges, invent new processes, innovate on existing systems, design beautiful things, and write like a Pulitzer winner.
  • Master the art of quick, emotionally healing naps that instantly reshapes your inner world, refuels your vital energies, and reconnects with your body so you can thrive non-stop in today’s rapidly-changing, increasingly-complex society.
  • Understand how Yoga Nidra helps you start flowing smoothly in life by staying stress-free in your relationships, career, business, health, and finances.
  • Unlock the simple secrets to transforming and transcending life as you know it through Yoga Nidra and Yogic breathwork so that you’re empowered with pure consciousness, awareness, presence, peace, silence, and joy to go beyond and start living your dream life.
  • And so much more…

Meet Your Teacher Nadine McNeil


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As a Yoga Nidra expert, Nadine McNeil wishes to ignite the intuition of the universe in you by awakening you to your true nature through a state called Sleepless Sleep. This mission is the culmination of her work as a yoga teacher, dancer, speaker, storyteller, wisdom mentor, women’s circle facilitator, transformational coach, and humanitarian since 2008.

Born in Jamaica, she had the fantastic opportunity of traveling the world to serve with the United Nations in under-developed areas in Haiti, India, Indonesia, and Central Africa, which taught her the importance of trusting her own intuition.

Today, Nadine’s work impacts thousands of people around the world. She is a former director of Jamaica Yoga Association, a regular contributor to Mantra Magazine, Elephant Journal, and Jakarta Post. She is a sought-after presenter at some of the world’s most prominent spiritual festivals, such as the Bali Spirit Festival and the Caribbean Yoga Conference.

And in this Webinar, she unravels the #1 secret of Yoga Nidra for transforming your life.

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This Webinar is absolutely FREE and plays in your local time.

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