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Join Thousands Of People & Personal Spiritual Guide To Billionaires, CEOs, Celebrities, Government Officials & Royalty Manex Ibar To Discover Time-Honored Wisdom, Tools & Practices Of Legendary Shamanic Lineages For Overcoming Inner Fears, Healing Your Body, Manifesting Your Dreams, Finding True Happiness & Enhancing Your Relationships

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  • Experience a practical shamanic healing session for overcoming fear and self-doubt by downloading guidance, lessons, protection, power, and wisdom from your higher self and spirit guides — this empowers you to live your full potential with tremendous ease, clarity and confidence
  • Discover how fear affects the 4 key areas of your life and the #1 reason why fear is a true gift, a rare opportunity to connect with the divine, transcend your limits and boundaries, and thrive in spite of all challenges
  • Learn how to eliminate decades of fear, limiting beliefs and emotional wounds in minutes with the golden light method (do this everyday before bed and your emotional resilience will skyrocket)
  • Learn how to identify subconscious fears that are holding you back in life—this is the first step in reclaiming your divine heritage that helps you manifest the life of your dreams.
  • Discover the shamanic technique to accessing the wisdom of the universe within you and the concept of Ayni or sacred reciprocity, the practice of living in harmony with the spirit of the earth.
  • And much more….

About Manex Ibar


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As one of the world’s most leading shamans, Manex Ibar has been empowering people with their true spiritual essence for over 25 years.

Thanks to the deep wisdom he acquired from 13 different shamanic lineages, studying with legendary shamans across Europe & the Americas, he was able to enable profound transformation for his clients which include some of the most highest profile celebrities, billionaires, teachers, artists, musicians, business leaders, world leaders, and even organizations like the NFL, MLB, Muppet Babies, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Star Wars and Ty Beanie Babies.

Although born with clairvoyance and heightened intuition, Manex had to get initiated and study under great shamans since age 14 to actually turn his shamanic wisdom into real world results, which he enjoyed when he became the youngest VP at Sony Pictures at the age of 23.

However, his most intimate experience with spirits happened after he left the corporate world and was struggling to make sense of his spiritual gifts.

A swimming accident left him clinically dead and he woke up up on the beach, with his arm dislocated coughing out water, with a horrified onlooker. Some point later, he experienced the spirit’s natural way of shamanic initiation: getting struck by lightning twice.

Today, Manex is also known for his exotic shamanic spiritual exploration retreats called Vision Quest, which takes you through an intense encounter with the elements of nature in deep jungles and on lush green mountain tops.

And in this webinar Manex explains some of his best “Aha” moments and takes you through one of his most profound practices for tapping into the divine magic of your spirit.

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This Group Immersion is absolutely FREE and starts in your local time.
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