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  • Discover the definitive guide to boosting your immunity holistically — without taking pills, no diet changes, and even if you don’t have access to any super foods. (This is what you need to do now to help your body overpower the pathogens like bacteria, viruses or toxins.)
  • Discover the biggest virus in the society today — bigger than anything you’ve known—and what you can do to instantly protect yourself & your loved ones starting today! (This simple change is the biggest shift you need to stay healthy, happy & productive right now.)
  • Learn how to turn off your body’s flight-flight response and enter the natural healing response so you can recover faster from common cold, flu or gut problems. (This is what 95% of the people on the planet don’t do, but would make a day-night difference to their health.)
  • Discover the #1 superfood for amplifying your immunity — you can get it in the highest quality from fancy sources like the deepest depths of the ocean or you can get decent quality ones from your home or local garden. (You’ll seriously start thinking whether this is the elixir mentioned in ancient myths.)
  • Learn how to keep your hormones balanced, your energy full-to-the-brim and your chakras in maximum expansion and enter your most productive and creative self than ever before (This doesn’t cost you anything and it’s literally a life-booster.)
  • Uncover the secret to extreme gut health that heals your digestive system, raises immunological resilience and kicks up production of your growth hormones. (This also makes you feel lighter & calmer and helps you sleep really well.)
  • Discover the most magical morning “Inner Shower” routine that enhances your brain, boosts your energy and amplifies your productivity—complete with your first drink of the day, a short breathwork practice and a quick lifestyle hack. (This is so good, your heart will thank you.)
  • Discover the #1 shortcut to entering “Quantum Flow” —a state of heightened intuition, productivity and happiness—without meditating all day, no lifestyle changes and even if you have only 5-10 minutes to spare every day. (Aha, the missing link to thriving in these uncertain times.)
  • And so much more…

About Juan Pablo Barahona


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Juan Pablo Barahona, known as JuanPa, is the world’s leading shaman and healer, world-renowned wellness expert, spiritual guide to celebrities and one of the highest-rated authors on Soulvana.

JuanPa is also one the world’s most sought ceremony facilitators known for his passion for life and his transformational Cacao ceremonies that combine the power of music, sound therapy, movement, energy work, and many other modalities.

His events and ceremonies at Mindvalley’s global events such as A-Fest and City Campus are continuously ranked amongst the highest rated experiences.

JuanPa doesn’t just teach Quantum Health. He lives it, embodies it and practices it daily like probably no other wellness expert.

He is also a trained and certified practitioner in many wellness modalities and arts: from Qi Gong, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Reiki Mastery and Sound Healing and Shamanism to Quantum Physics, Kinesiology, Holistic Medicine, Tantric Philosophy and Toltech Philosophy.

JuanPa is positively impacting millions of lives, and helping people realize their deepest potential through his life-changing programs, courses, ceremonies and events in the world’s most exotic locations: from mountains of Peru and jungles of Costa Rica to tropicals of Bali and wilderness of New Zealand.

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This Webinar is absolutely FREE and plays in your local time.

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