A Masterclass with The Legendary Healer Christie Sheldon

Discover How To Self-Clear Your Energy Field & Raise Your Vibration To Love Or Above For More Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness In Your Life

Experience Christie Marie Sheldon’s Remarkable Energy Clearing Method That Instantly Raises Your Vibrations – And Opens You To Greater Love, Abundance & Happiness – That Helped Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani & Over 100,000 People Experience Major Life Breakthroughs

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Learn & Decode First-Hand The Vibrational Scale And Its Magic & Life-Changing Benefits To Help Your Operate On A High Frequency At All Times

Even at the tiniest level, Quantum Mechanics has discovered that atoms and sub-atoms are in fact composed of packets of energy. Now, leading research on human consciousness is showing that this energy vibrates on a Scale.

The Vibration Scale, based on Quantum Mechanics, operates on the discovery that each human emotion has a vibration in the exact same way that matter does.

Heavy emotions like Fear, Anger or Shame vibrate at low frequencies. But feelings like Love, Joy and Peace vibrate at high, uplifting frequencies.

What You’ll Learn & Experience In This Webinar

  • Experience a thrilling High Frequency Group Meditation that will instantly raise your vibrations and tap you into the collective positive energy of the group.
  • Discover the 4 simple rules of Higher Vibrations: high-vibrating people live by these rules instinctively, and after this Masterclass so will you.
  • Learn the Blessing Ball of Light exercise past participants have used this exercise to manifest dream jobs, accelerate healing, and even attract partners.
  • Christie on the Hot Seat: Are vibrations for real? Do group meditations really work over the internet? Christie answers your most pressing questions.
  • Explore a collection of powerful Energetic Tools: like the Energy Radar, the Key to Self Mastery, and the Life Path Optimizer – each one designed to raise your vibrations instantly.
  • And so much more…

About Christie Marie Sheldon


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Christie Marie Sheldon is a gifted intuitive life coach and author. She is Mindvalley’s #1 bestselling and most viral author, celebrated for her uncanny ability to access people’s energy fields, erase their inner blocks, and raise their vibrations towards their fullest potential.

Over the past 15 years Christie has spoken on radio shows, seminars and conducted over 30,000 private consultations for clients, some of whom are renowned political and business leaders.

Christie’s deepest desire is to empower people to live in a state of abundant flow, free from the stress of lack and negativity. She is the creator of the acclaimed Love or Above and Unlimited Abundance courses, published by Mindvalley.

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This Webinar is absolutely FREE and plays in your local time.

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