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Activate Your Health On All Levels So You Start Living Full Of Youthful Energy, Feel Great About Yourself & Self-Heal Rapidly Fast

Join Us In This Ground-Breaking Free Masterclass With Juan Pablo Barahona As He Teaches & Demonstrates 5 Simple Techniques For Daily Use To Instantly Activate Your Quantum Health

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Refill Yourself With Energy For Living Healthy Every Day

Juan Pablo will demonstrate and guide you through a Potent Breathwork Technique that will help you awaken dormant areas of your brain, fill your body with oxygen, rewire your nervous system and enter your natural state of quantum health.

Release Any Toxins & Stagnant Energies From Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Juan Pablo will demonstrate and teach you how a simple Self-Massage Technique that you can use To Instantly Release Toxins, Energetic Blockages, Stuck Emotions and Unresolved Trauma.


Boost Your Confidence & Inner Power, And Start Feeling Really Great About Yourself

Juan Pablo will demonstrate a special Core Activation Technique to activate your power centers that will empower you to live in alignment with your fullest potential every day.

Speed Up Your Healing & Rejuvenation Process

Juan Pablo will demonstrate a special Muscle Activation Technique that will instantaneously activate your natural ability to rejuvenation on a cellular level.

Activate Your Vibrant Health Effortlessly From Within

Juan Pablo will demonstrate a special Posture Alignment Technique that will help you metabolize the energy in the most efficient way, even when you sleep.

What You’ll Learn and Experience In This Masterclass

  • Discover how to activate and start living in Quantum Health every day, harmonize your Body, Mind & Spirit, and rewire yourself for rapid healing and rejuvenation
  • See Juan Pablo demonstrate, explain, guide and teach you 5 simple techniques for daily use to instantly activate your Quantum Health, energize yourself on all levels and bring supreme harmony to your Body, Mind & Spirit.
  • Experience a Potent Breathwork Technique to effortlessly fill your body with oxygen, rewire your nervous system & enter your natural state of quantum health
  • Learn a simple Self-Massage Technique to instantly release toxins, energetic blockages, stuck emotions & unresolved trauma
  • Discover a simple Core Activation Technique to easily awaken your inner power, strength, courage & confidence
  • Learn a simple Muscle Activation Technique to effortlessly boost your strength & speed up the healing/rejuvenation process
  • Experience a simple Posture Alignment Technique to accelerate your metabolism & burn unwanted fat – even when you sleep.
  • And much, much more.

About Juan Pablo Barahona


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Juan Pablo Barahona, known as JuanPa, is latin America’s leading shaman and healer, world-renowned wellness expert, spiritual guide to celebrities and one of the highest-rated authors on Soulvana.

JuanPa also one the world’s most sought facilitators known for his passion for life and his transformational Cacao ceremonies that combine the power of music, sound therapy, movement, energy work, and many other modalities.

His events and ceremonies at Mindvalley’s global events such as A-Fest and City Campus are continuously ranked amongst the highest rated experiences.

JuanPa doesn’t just teach Quantum Health. He lives it, embodies it and practices it daily like probably no other wellness expert.

He is also a trained and certified professional in many wellness modalities and arts: from Qi Gong, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Reiki Mastery and Sound Healing and Shamanism to Quantum Physics, Kinesiology, Holistic Medicine, Tantric Philosophy and Toltech Philosophy.

JuanPa is positively impacting millions of lives, and helping people realize their deepest potential through his life-changing programs, courses, ceremonies and events in the world’s most exotic locations: from mountains of Peru and jungles of Costa Rica to tropicals of Bali and wilderness of New Zealand.

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This Masterclass is absolutely FREE and plays in your local time.

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