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Connect and meditate in real-time with thousands of people from around the world, and experience the magical energy of human unity and unified collective intention.

Reconnect, heal, recharge, manifest and positively impact humanity, and all life on Earth like never before.

Group Immersions – The Most Transformational Online Group Meditations On The Planet

Join the world’s best spiritual guides and thousands of evolved people like you on the most transformational online group meditations, energy healings, activations, ascensions and manifestations on the planet. Experience the magic of unified collective intentions and start creating massive positive shifts in all areas of your life, and on the planet.


Sessions designed and engineered to help you clear, dissolve and free yourself from everything that is draining you, holding your down and preventing you from living a fulfilling life of abundance, meaning, joy, health, wealth, success and happiness.


Sessions designed and engineered to help you heal, refuel and superrecharge various areas of your life, and aspects of your being, so you can experience the joy of life to the fullest.


Sessions designed and engineered to help you unlock, activate and awaken your superpowers, hidden gifts and dormant abilities so you can bring more magic to your life and the life of others.


Sessions designed and engineered to help you manifest abundance, prosperity and success on all levels. Bring your dreams, visions, goals and desires into reality faster than ever.

Social Cause

Sessions designed and engineered to help you contribute to healing, uniting and raising the consciousness of humanity, and to making this world a better place for us, our children, nature, plants and all sentient beings.

The World’s Best Spiritual Teachers, Healers & Guides At Your Fingertips

From best-selling authors, award-winning healers, Reiki masters to sought-after international speakers, world-class sound healers, enlightened pharmacists, extraordinary manifestors and leading experts on energy medicine, Soulvana brings the best spiritual teachers, healers, guides, coaches, therapist and lightworkers on the planet to your fingertips.

Healing Chambers – The World’s Best Healers At Your Fingertips For Instant & On-Demand Healings

Healing Chambers are on-demand healing sessions where the world’s best spiritual healers work on you through time and space to help you release, clear, overcome and free yourself from an unpleasant condition or energetic challenge that’s draining your energy, lowering your vibrations or causing any tensions.

Sonic Therapies – The Future Of Medicine At Your Fingertips

Sonic Therapies are the on-demand medicine of the future, available to you today and now. Leveraging the energy of sound, vibration, and intonation, they are unique and potent tools to help you experience healings, clearings, releases, activations, and ascensions — while you’re doing something else.

Immersions – Activate Your Higher Human Potential, Gifts & Abilities

Immersions are an advanced, on-demand and multi-sensory guided meditations, activations and manifestations engineered to help you activate your psychic gifts and higher potential, and recharge yourself with high-vibrational energy.

Immersions are guided by the best spiritual guides on the planet and are enhanced with the cutting-edge multi-dimensional technology of sacred geometry transmissions and solfeggio sound frequencies to help you experience even deeper, more profound and lasting shifts, healings, transformations, and ascensions.

What People Are Saying

“oh my GOODNESS!….i want to shout this from the rooftops to everyone!!”

Group Immersion Participant

“The amount of energy I felt was undescribable. My entire body felt vibrations and light. I didn’t want to return. Beautiful!”

Group Immersion Participant

“This was SO amazing I am a forever fan now!!”

Group Immersion Participant

“Absolutely amazing! thank you so much!!!”

Group Immersion Participant

“I felt so opened and high and glowing.”

Group Immersion Participant

“Looking forward to doing it again. That was strooong! :-)”

Group Immersion Participant

“When we amplified our energy, I felt like every nerve in my body was alive.”

Group Immersion Participant

“Tons of energy, lovely, gratitude, light and blessing. So spacious and powerful!!”

Group Immersion Participant

“I felt so grounded and really could feel all this beautiful energy, Wonderful! Thank you!”

Group Immersion Participant

“I am so honored to be in community with all of you!”

Group Immersion Participant

“So glad to be connected with all of you around the world.”

Group Immersion Participant

“More such connections please.”

Group Immersion Participant

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